For Theatre Audition information, click here or contact M. Scott Grabau at

Who can Audtion:

Do I have to be a student at IVC to Audition?

The auditions are open to anyone. If you are cast you will have to enroll in the college, and sign up for a one unit rehearsal and performance class, as well as a one unit make-up or tech class. You will need to pay for the enrollment, and the classes at the standard rate.

Is there an Age Limit?

No. Depending on the show being cast, we have used people from the age of 8 years, all the way to into their 60s. Children up through high school do not have to pay to enroll in the college or the classes. They will need a permission form from their school administrator.

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For Dance Audition information please contact, Jennifer La Curan.



For Music Audition information please contact, Mark Petersen or by phone at (949) 451-5754